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Care and wellness for mouth and gum

The innovative BLISSand Supreme Oral Care Serums are an ideal companion during aligner therapy for cleaning, care and refreshment!


Propolis - also known as bee resin - supports your gum with important minerals, flavonoids, and other essential supplements. It also supports the resistance of your body against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


Green tea and chamomile extracts soothe your gum. Chamomile has well-known anti-inflammatory effects while antioxidants, catechins, and other beneficial components in green tea protect and strengthen your gum.


Hyaluronic acid supports regeneration of your gum and helps to strengthen the structure of the latter. It supports the maintenance of the healthy condition of the gingiva.


Lotus root extract is rich in vitamins (such as vitamin C and vitamin A), trace elements, minerals, and other important supplements. It supports the regenerative ability of your gum and its resilience against inflammatories.

Our products

Discover the BLISSand Supreme Oral Care Serums for comprehensive oral hygiene and long-lasting gum health - ideal to accompany aligner splint therapy.

Our ingredients

“The development of the Supreme Oral Care Serums is based on 4 core components: propolis, tea extracts, hyaluronic acid and lotus root extract. Each individual ingredient supports the surrounding tooth support structure in a biological way. In this multifunctional composition, the BLISSand Supreme Oral Care Serums are an ideal companion for daily oral care, especially during aligner therapy. Nature enriches us with such rich ingredients that offer ideal effectiveness in an indication-related composition.”

— Dr. Dana

What does BLISSAND stand for?

Aligner treatments to correct the position of teeth are a proven and common procedure within today's orthodontic and dental therapy options. Important technical advances and state-of-the-art development opportunities have been established in this area for the benefit of aligner manufacturers and distributors.

We at BLISSand have set ourselves the patient-oriented goal of developing a suitable accompanying solution for splint therapy/aligner therapy. In our core claim, we offer intensive care and optimized cleaning of the splint with our Supreme Cleaning Fluid by using the BLISSand Supreme Oral Care Serums.


How does BLISSAND work?

Here you can find out everything about the innovative and holistic approach of BLISSand and the effective combination of the individual products.

The doctor behind BLISSAND

Dr. Dana Adyani-Fard is a PhD dentist and product developer of the BLISSand Supreme Oral Care Serums. In her practices, she accompanies her patients in a holistic and biomimetic approach to restoring, maintaining and caring for oral health.

From her dental work in combination with her established work and expertise in clinical research and science, the idea of an innovative and nature-based care line to support oral health developed.

Our vision

"Our vision at BLISSand is to offer a unique solution that accompanies aligner therapy, or alternatively supports daily oral care, by keeping your aligners clean, applying helpful care underneath and replacing your chewing gum with a serum to refresh it. BLISSand makes the aligner treatment, which often lasts months, easier.” — Dr. Dana