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Our products

Experience the good feeling of sustainable oral hygiene and gum health with the BLISSand Supreme Oral Care Serums - the perfect support for aligner, implant and periodontal treatment.


Propolis - also known as bee resin - supports your gum with important minerals, flavonoids, and other essential supplements. It also supports the resistance of your body against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


Green tea and chamomile extracts soothe your gum. Chamomile has well-known anti-inflammatory effects while antioxidants, catechins, and other beneficial components in green tea protect and strengthen your gum.


Hyaluronic acid supports regeneration of your gum and helps to strengthen the structure of the latter. It supports the maintenance of the healthy condition of the gingiva.


Lotus root extract is rich in vitamins (such as vitamin C and vitamin A), trace elements, minerals, and other important supplements. It supports the regenerative ability of your gum and its resilience against inflammatories.